Niagara Falls, NY, July 24, 2021 - Noel Good made the long run from the take-off point at Griffon Park, up the Niagara river and out onto Lake Erie to score a 1st place finish with a limit weighing 13.63 lbs. His sack was anchored by the tournament lunker of 5.35 lbs.

Nevan Good, riding in the same boat as a non-boater, finished in 2nd place with a limit of smallmouth tipping the scales at 11.81 lbs. He also had the second biggest bass at 3.93 lbs.

In third place, with a 5-fish limit, was Ted Barth. His stringer weighed in at 10.43 lbs.

Rounding out the top four places was Bill Martz with 5 smallmouth bass weighing 9.47 lbs.